SCIE-123-01: Evo Devo Module

1. Reading material before class

06 Mar 2017

Learning Objective

At the end of reading this material you should be able to

  1. Briefly define the field of evolutionary development.
  2. Explain how time is conveyed on a phylogenetic tree.

Required Material

  1. Read the introduction section of the wikipedia article on evolutionary development. - 5 min read
  2. Analyze each of these figures: Figure 1 and Figure 2. - 5 min each figure
  3. Read over this quick quide on how to read a phylogenetic tree. - 5 min read
  4. Read Diversification of Insect Wing Morphology. The goal of this material is to understand one example of how Evo-Devo scientists approach a question. You do not need to understand the details. - 10 min read

If you want to delve deeper (not required)

  1. Evo-Devo and an expanding evolutionary synthesis: A genetic theory of morphological evolution
  2. From DNA to Diversity: A great text book.
  3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Book.

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1. Diversification of Insect Wing Morphology
2. Species List